A Meat Loaf tribute singer has been forced to hand over his domain name to the real singer.

Dean Torkington has been touring in the UK for the past 16 years with his show To Hell And Back: (A Tribute To Meat Loaf), the Lancashire Telegraph reports.

However, last year the US rock star – whose real name is Michael Aday – started legal proceedings in order to gain control of the www.meatloaf.org domain as part of a row that dates back to 2006.

A judgement issued by the US District Court for the Central District of California found in Meat Loaf’s favor and now Mr Torkington – who has owned the URL since 2000 – is no longer allowed to use the web address.

The case highlights the issue of cybersquatting and how people are seeking to protect their brand reputation on the internet at all times.

Meat Loaf tribute singer has to hand over domain name

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