New top-level domain names are needed to end the frustration suffered by many Web address registrants in the current market, it has been suggested.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, digital media editor Emma Barnett noted that domain names have become an increasingly important issue in business over the past few years.

She explained that due to the supply of basic domain names running out, few companies have been able to register their URL of choice over the past few years.

“It has often already been taken by someone else – who they then have to pay exorbitant amounts of cash to in order to reclaim themselves online,” Ms. Barnett stated.

She said that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) move to introduce new generic top-level domains – where brands can pay to use a term of their choice in the Web address suffix – could be “significant.”

It will mean firms have access to a much wider pool of domain names, giving them additional online brand-building opportunities.

ICANN will decide whether to give final approvals to the new generic top-level domains at its Singapore meeting, which convenes later this month.

New gTLDs ‘could end registrant frustration’
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