The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will be delaying the introduction of new gTLDs, following objections from the US Department of Commerce. The letter is published on ICANN’s website and can be found here:
These objections have seemingly delayed the process, after ICANN was accused of failing to fully consider the economic implications of creating new names to compete with .com and .net domains. The letter has expressed its dissatisfaction with the way ICANN has proceeded, citing a lack of accountability and transparency. The US DoC has also expressed concern regarding a decision by ICANN to allow cross-ownership between registrars and registries, a complete U-turn on a previous ICANN board decision.
Under ICANN’s plans, companies will be able to apply for domain name extensions which featured their own brand or company names, in the format of .mybrand or .mycompany.
The delay will be met with relief by brand owners, who have voiced their concern repeatedly regarding the threat this poses to them in terms of infringement and consequently cost. At this point in time, this is only a delay, there is no talk of the project being cancelled altogether.

Natalie Leroy, European Account Manager

New gTLDs delayed
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