The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) board is to benefit from an online register of Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) advice.

Designed to track original advice, responses from the board, action items, dates of action, implementation plans and status of completion, the register is arranged alphabetically by topic.

The GAC is made up of national governments, governmental organizations and distinct economies.

It is principal advisor to the ICANN Board on issues of public policy, especially those pertaining to national laws and international agreements.

The online register was launched through the ongoing work of the ICANN board/GAC Recommendation Implementation Working Group.

It has been aiming to implement one of the recommendations made by the Accountability and Transparency Review Team.

As GAC advice is received, it is entered into the register to go through an assessment phase while actions and implementation plans are determined.

Older pieces of advice issued to ICANN by the GAC are also set to be included on the new register.

New register for GAC advice to ICANN board
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