The domain name has finally come home to Nintendo.

The Japanese gaming giant has purchased the .com domain name for its most famous creation, 30 years after Mario’s first appearance.

Up until recently, website visitors were able to play free Mario games online at, which was owned by an unnamed third party.

But according to NintendoLife, the firm’s US arm acquired the domain name on September 25th 2011.

The domain is currently offline, but expected to be used by Nintendo to promote its Mario brand in the future.

Other game-related domain names held by the company, and

The Mario character first appeared in 1981 as ‘Jumpman’ in the original Donkey Kong arcade game, before featuring in 1983’s Mario Bros alongside his brother Luigi.

Mario has appeared in more than 200 different computer games over the last three decades, establishing himself as a global gaming icon.

Nintendo obtains

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