In our November 2018 Cyber Security Report, our experts revisit the banking and financial sector as one of the largest targets for cyber crime.

Managing vast amounts of wealth and data, they are one of the most highly regulated industries—and also one of the most targeted. Compared to our report last year, we have seen improvements in overall cyber security, however, our observations reveal some key areas where companies remain at risk.

In this most recent report, we look at:

  • Cyber security trends among 100 global financial services institutions and banks
  • What the Verisign® report on distributed denial of service attacks means
  • Phishing and email fraud risks
  • And more

CSC Cyber Security Reports cull all the most important information about cyber crime and cyber security into one comprehensive piece—giving you the most up-to-date information in one place. You can quickly scan the news that’s important to you and your brand because our experts present the most recent intelligence focused on domain name systems, distributed denial of service attacks, phishing and email fraud, and domain security.

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November 2018 Cyber Security Report