The domain name has been purchased for 100 million Belarusian rubles (£7,300) at a charity auction.

It has been bought by Onliner, which is the owner of the Belarusian electronic commerce platform that carries the same name, Belarus News reports.

Rules have been altered in the nation so that domain names where the registration has expired are put up for a charity auction and around 750 million Belarusian rubles have been raised through this method.

The transaction will offer the firm a greater online presence in the country, which should help to drive up trade and attract more visitors to its site.

It represents one of the most expensive .by domain name purchases, but is still the dearest, which was sold for 250 million Belarusian rubles.

Sergei Povalishev, head of the company that organizes of domain name auctions, said there was a lot of interest in from the start. bought for £7.3k

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