The world of online real estate is expected to develop into a much more mature market in the coming months and years as the land-grab attitude begins to subside.

According to domain name and digital marketing specialist Econsultancy, it appears that the gold rush is over and “the market for virtual real estate will end up looking an awful lot like the market for physical real estate.”

The organization claimed that while the trading of domain names had made a huge number of overnight millionaires, the marketplace for domain names is set to swing firmly in favor of Web developers.

“If you owned the right piece of property at the right time, you could have made a lot of money selling it to a developer. But the real money long term is almost always in being the developer,” Econsultancy’s Patricio Robles wrote.

However, according to .nxt conference organizers, there will be a new land rush when the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers introduces a plethora of new top level domain names.

Online real estate to mirror physical real estate
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