The sports conference specialist Pac-10, which is rebranding itself Pac-12, wants a fan of the late West Side rapper 2Pac to hand over a domain that uses its new name.

Pac-10 wants to take control of, but the Web address is currently in use by a hip hop fan, hosting “A Dozen Jamz by Tupac” via the Amazon Get Widget.

The conference organizer has begun pursuing the owner of the Web site through an arbitrator.

Commenting on the dispute, the Daily Drip’s Brian Floyd said, “It’s a full-blown turf war. The Pac-12 could go the same route it has with its present Web site, using, or go a different route with the new site.

“12Pac, perhaps, would work here, pleasing college students who love 12-packs while also building a brand.”

The Web site added that the case was worth following as the site is of great importance to Pac-12 and it could result in an interesting precedent being set.

Pac-10 wants rap fan to relinquish Web site
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