As brand owners it is important to monitor how your TMs are used in Domain Names & Website content and in conjunction with Paid Search to quickly divert traffic from authentic websites and authorized partners.  The implications caused by Unauthorized 3rd Party websites using Paid Search are complex:

  1. They can drive up the Cost Per Click value of a search term, thereby increasing Paid Search spend
  2. They can divert traffic and leverage the “TM in the domain” to make your potential consumers believe they are visiting an authorized website
  3. They may be offering counterfeit/unauthorized goods and/or selling competitor products

I’m not certain whether “” is an authorized Prada retailer.  However, since the domain name is registered anonymously, the website is selling competitive products and they are bidding on Keywords such as “Prada Shoes”  and “Fake Designer Shoes” it may be worth examining a bit more.  In most instances, this can be at a simple over site but it other instances the financial consequences to the Brand Owner may be in the millions of dollars.

CSC’s Name Protect Solutions allow our clients to monitor for all TM, Domain Name and Web Content infringements through one centralized portal.  This allows our clients to quickly focus and prioritize their enforcement efforts on those cases that are most damaging to the business.

Vincent D’Angelo
Director, Global Brand Advisors, Corporation Service Company

Paid Search and Branded Domain Names
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