Legendary rocker Eddie Vedder is attempting to secure the rights to his own .com domain name, it has been reported.

According to Fusible, the Pearl Jam frontman has lodged a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization over the use of eddievedder.com.

The domain name is currently owned by EV Touring, Inc.

Reports suggest that Pearl Jam claimed ownership of eddievedder.com between the mid-2000s and late 2010, but the domain name may have expired.

The web address is now reported to be listed for sale with a $18,400 asking price, suggesting the current owner is seeking to cash in on the real estate.

However, grunge survivor Vedder is hoping the global domain name and trademark regulators will intervene in what appears to be a case of cybersquatting.

Pearl Jam came to prominence in the early 1990s as one of a wave of Seattle bands to enjoy chart success, and the group continues to tour in 2012.

Pearl Jam frontman wants his domain name back

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