Phishing has become a major risk for U.S. businesses, not just individual consumers, it has been claimed.

According to Tony Neate, managing director of the security awareness campaign Get Safe Online, Internet fraudsters are increasingly targeting corporate organizations.

Scammers can use fake emails, purported to be sent by genuine organizations such as banks, as they aim to obtain individual or business financial data.

Fake websites set up using bogus domains can also be used to lure companies and individuals into parting with confidential information, which can be used for the purposes of fraud.

“What we’re seeing more with this are more targeted phishing attacks, which are called ‘spear phishing’,” Mr. Neate said.

“They actually target an individual domain or a company.”

He urged businesses to educate employees on the warning signs of phishing attacks, in order to reduce the risks of falling victim to a scam.

Phishing ‘a major threat to businesses’
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