Digital piracy and trademark infringement come down to gaps in the market that are simply being filled by tech-savvy individuals attempting to make a quick buck, one tech website suggests.

According to Jared Moya, chief editor of technology portal Zeropaid, illegal filesharing and streaming are widespread because of the inability of legitimate traders and trademark holders to meet consumer demands.

“The truth about online piracy is that it is simply filling the gaps in the marketplace that copyright holders refuse to fill,” Mr. Moya said. “There is no legal site that offers the quantity of movies found on peer-to-peer sites, and that’s not even considering the option to download movie titles, which the movie industry refuses to embrace.”

His comments follow a report published in the Washington Post that cited new research showing that a quarter of Internet traffic is accounted for by the sharing of copyrighted material without permission.

Piracy and trademark infringement down to ‘gaps in the market’
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