A coordinated effort between the Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit and Nominet has led to the shutting down of a number of .uk domain names.

The initiative was launched as part of a crackdown on criminal retailers selling counterfeit goods to unsuspecting consumers.

Its scheme was launched in the run-up to Christmas where customers were most likely to be duped by the fake stores.

Those .uk domain names that were operating in breach of Nominet’s terms and conditions were suspended.

Lesle Cowley, chief executive of Nominet, highlighted the fact that the domain name industry must come together to help tackle cybercrime and to protect consumers.

He said, “.uk deserves its reputation as a trusted online space for British consumers, and we are committed to tackling cybercrime to keep it that way.”

Earlier this month, Nominet announced that it was implementing changes that would allow firms to secure .uk domain names for a period of a number of years.

Police ‘crack down on cybercriminals selling through .uk domains’
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