With millions of consumers around the world using social networking sites for daily communication, businesses are eager to participate in the conversation where possible.

In order to build the profile of their brands – and keep them in the public consciousness – company bosses realize they need to be active in this growing field.

Businesses need to have a strong voice across social media, allowing them to converse with consumers across a channel they are comfortable with.

But while social media offers definite brand building opportunities, there are also potential risks.

Companies need to ensure they are in complete control of their company’s reputation – and this means protecting their trademarks over the platform.

When people sign up for social media websites, they have the opportunity to register any name they wish.

And if a company is not active on this networking website, it means there may be opportunities for third-parties to use this name in bad faith.

Individuals may be able to assume the guise of a particular company or organization, when in fact they have nothing to do with it.

This can be dangerous for firms, as the account holder posing as a genuine member of the business can easily misrepresent the company and its interests.

In order to ensure social media is used as a force for good, companies need to make sure any usernames featuring their brands are secured.

Particularly on popular networking sites – such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – this is all-important.

Specialist brand protection firms can help companies and organizations identify misuse of their trademarks across social media, and seek recourse such as the transfer of the name.

Protect brands by securing social media usernames

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