With the domain name real-estate market being big business, businesses and organizations need to take steps to protect their brands.

Writing for the Drum, Nominet’s Phil Kingsland, urged domain name holders to be aware of the risks presented by cybersquatters.

He explained that third parties could try to take advantage of a brand by registering a similar domain name to capture traffic when customers misspell domain names.

“They may then divert the web traffic to another site to profit from consumers looking for your site,” he told the news provider.

“Alternatively, successful brands may be targeted by cybersquatters who register domain names that are likely to become popular and then sell them on at an inflated price.”

Mr. Kingsland said that if a brand or trademark is being used in this way, businesses and organizations may need to resort to dispute resolutions services.

For .com domain names, the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy can help businesses protect their domain names and brands without resorting to court action.

This can help reach an independent assessment of domain disputes without need for costly legal or judicial intervention, he suggested.

By avoiding litigation, companies may be able to keep costs to a minimum and ensure a swift resolution to the case.

Protect domain names from cybersquatters
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