Greater protections are needed against conflicts of interest within the not-for-profit body responsible for governing the internet, it has been claimed.

Rod Beckstrom, chief executive and president of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), said it is important to ensure that particular industry groups do not unduly influence its policy.

This is particularly pertinent given the incoming generic top level domain name (gTLD) regime – with ICANN set to rule on individual applicants’ cases later this year.

Businesses and organizations still have another month to make gTLD applications, with the 90-day registration window closing on April 12th.

At this point, ICANN will consider each individual application and decide whether it fits the criteria to be awarded a generic domain name.

ICANN members have been asked not to participate in policies for the new gTLDs if they have outside roles which may create a conflict of interest.

“We have tried to put in a very wide separation so the issue has a clear line of demarcation,” said Mr. Beckstrom.

This is to ensure that absolute dedication to the public good supersedes all other priorities, he noted.

‘Protections needed’ against ICANN conflicts of interest
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