Businesses should register domain names for longer than one year at a time, it has been claimed.

Patrick Aboagye, chief executive of Danipa Business Systems, explained that when businesses and individuals register domains, they can choose from between a one and a ten-year registration.

He claimed that locking in the domain name for an extended period of time provides additional security to the holder.

They know they will own the domain for a long period, meaning it is worth investing in the website being hosted at this address.

There is also less risk of the domain name expiring and being picked up by a cybersquatter, Mr. Aboagye stated.

“Always remember to renew before the expiration date to reduce the risk of losing it,” he advised.

“If you allow your domain name to expire, it becomes available to the general public and anybody can purchase it.”

Domain names can be bought through registrars accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, and also generic top level domain registries.

Register domain names for more than one year
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