Businesses operating in south-east Asia have been urged to purchase international domain names at an early stage.

Nguyen Tu Quang, general director of internet security company Bkav, said forward planning – in terms of registering domain names – can save money further along the line.

Speaking to Viet Nam News, he suggested that international domains may be needed for companies looking to export to overseas territories, or establish new foreign bases.

Mr. Quang explained that eCommerce is developing well due to its convenience and low cost, especially for new companies.

“The best way to advertise a trademark was to use an international .com domain name as it was easily recognizable around the world,” he stated.

The expert explained that the development of online business has seen more companies become embroiled in domain name and trademark disputes.

But one way of potentially avoiding litigation is to secure domain names featuring your company brand at as early a stage as possible, he suggested.

Register international domain names early, companies urged
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