When selecting a domain name, businesses should look for a Web address that is relevant to their business, it has been claimed.

Joe Britton, chief executive officer at consultancy firm Sugar Ventures, said that random names, however memorable, are unlikely to prove beneficial to an organization in the long run.

“While these domain names are catchy and can be good for start-up websites with venture capital funds, they are not very practical for building your own website,” he told Business Insider.

Mr. Britton suggested that organizations should include sector-specific keywords in their domain names, in order to encourage search engines to pick up the website.

Theoretically, the higher the search engine ranking, the easier it is to attract new customers and drive revenue over the Internet.

“If you build a website or buy a domain name that doesn’t have a relevant keyword in the domain name, you’re one step behind the domain owner that has a more relevant URL,” he stated.

The latest Domain Name Industry Brief reported that there were 209.8 million domain names registered around the world at the end of Q1 2011.

Relevant domain names ‘crucial for organizations’

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