By Vincent D’Angelo

Resolution #3: Optimize your domain name portfolio

In an ongoing blog post series, CSC’s Vincent D’Angelo shares 6 resolutions for brand owners.

As businesses grow and move into new areas they tend to amass a collection of domain names for a variety of different reasons. But, as the number of gTLDs is set to increase significantly in the next two years, it may be time for you to start taking a closer look at your portfolio and optimizing it.

Magnifying glassSo, what should you be looking at?

Firstly, assess which domains are live/active and ensure that you point any non-live domains to relevant content so that you can immediately start measuring traffic to those assets. As the year progresses, you can then use that traffic information, as well as the importance of the brand contained in the name, to decide if the domain is providing value or is actually one you may wish to discard.

For some of the generic domains you may decide to assess their value and potentially divest them. This could also help free up budget to re-invest in the expanding name space.


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