A rapidly-growing digital world has created the perfect storm for the counterfeit economy to flourish. Rogue websites, online auctions, and digital piracy give fraudsters readily available anonymous channels, making conducting their business easier than ever—and business is booming.

Online Counterfeit EconomyIt’s scary to think that 5-10% of an almost $12 trillion food and drink market is made up of fake products. Counterfeiters deliberately use fake ingredients or mislabel popular foodstuffs, like olive oil, alcohol, honey, and seafood. Pharmaceuticals are also targeted, with fake ingredients that either don’t treat the ailment, make it worse, or even kill consumers. Really no market is safe. Counterfeit products are also rampant amongst consumer electronics, apparel and accessories, and tobacco too.

The risks of the online counterfeit economy are far and wide. Every brand is affected and needs to understand the impact counterfeit has on their consumers, revenues, and reputations.

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The Risks of the Online Counterfeit Economy