Ron Paul has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as he seeks to gain control of two domain names.

The former Texas congressman – who ran for the presidency of the US on three separate occasions – wants ownership of and to be transferred to him at no cost.

Both of the websites were set up by supporters of his presidential campaigns. Since 2008, the owners of have said it has become one of the “most popular resources dedicated exclusively to Ron Paul and his ideas”.

They added with “unlimited enthusiasm and limited financial resources” they have spent the last five years trying to advance Mr. Paul’s case.

In an effort to smooth over the dispute, the people behind offered the 77-year-old as a free gift, as long as they were allowed to use the original domain. However, this offer has been rejected and now Paul hopes that WIPO will decide in his favour.

This case highlights how important it is for well-known individuals to secure their online presence at an early stage. By taking ownership of all relevant domain names, individuals can better control the information placed on the internet.

Mr. Paul is not the only U.S. politician to have problems over domains featuring their name. Last month, it emerged that has been set up as a sounding board for looser gun controls in the country.

This is despite the fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein is well known as an activist for tighter gun control laws.

Ron Paul launches bid to gain control of domain names

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