Schools in the district of Plain, in Stark County, Ohio, have been asked to stop using a university’s logo.

Morehead State University Athletics says Plain Local Schools has been using its trademarked image of an eagle with a full-on beak view of the bird.

And the schools district has chosen not to oppose the claim – it is already phasing out the use of the university’s logo, reports the Canton Repository.

Michael Van Wieren, vice president and attorney at Licensing Resource Group, issued a notice of infringement on February 22nd 2012.

Brent May, superintendent of Plain Local, said the Kentucky-based university has been “very reasonable” in its expectations of Plain Local.

He confirmed that some changes would now be made to the school district’s eagle emblem, with the new design used on all future merchandise.

Mr. May said it would not be a costly transformation to a new logo which does not infringe on the trademark of another party.

Schools’ district drops use of trademarked logo

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