Dianne Feinstein could soon regret not taking the chance to register the domain name SenatorFeinstein.com when she had the chance.

This is because Dimitrios Karras, chief executive officer of the California gun parts and accessories store Ares Armor, has purchased the domain, the Daily Caller reports.

The Democratic senator has long been an activist for tighter gun control laws, a particularly relevant issue in the US at the moment as Barack Obama tries to push through new regulations.

However, the web address is going to be used as a sounding board for the support of the right to bear arms.

Mr Karras stated the whole episode is “entertaining”, before adding: “We’re going to put up a few posts and everything like that, but we’re not going to be moderating any of the comments.”

This case highlights how important it is for people in the public sphere to protect their image and brand online.

Senator Dianne Feinstein ‘to regret not protecting domain name’

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