Organizations should be thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) when they register their domain names, it has been claimed.

According to The Best Spinner, businesses should attempt to secure as high a search engine ranking as possible with their new website, which is easier if their domain name is keyword-rich.

Where possible, organizations should attempt to include their main keyword phrase in the URL, the news provider suggested.

It claimed this can make a big difference when search engines such as Google and Bing rank pages – and this helps ensure consumers become aware of the brand.

“You will have much better outcomes if your key phrases are out in front of any other non-keyword related terms,” The Best Spinner claimed.

“The aim is to make sense and at the same time use your keywords successfully. Make every single effort to only have regular letters inside your domain names, with no numbers or even hyphens.”

From next year, when generic top level domains come into use, organizations will have a wider range of domain names to select from.

SEO ‘a key factor in domain name construction’
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