A new service has been launched for registrars that aims to make .eu domain names more secure for their customers.

EURid, which is the top-level domain registry for .eu domains, has launched a way to make Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) more straightforward in which signing, re-signing and rollovers will be performed automatically.

This is designed to reduce the administrative burden and complexity of implementing these extensions.

Marc Van Wesemael, general manager of EURid, said that registrars can use this extension and the signing service in order to enhance the security on offer to their customers.

He said, “With this new service, we expect that more registrars will implement DNSSEC and sign more .eu domain names, which will benefit everyone who uses .eu and improve the collective security of the .eu top-level domain.”

The .eu domain is available to 500 million Europeans and is capable of containing accented, Cyrillic and Greek characters.

Service ‘aims to make .eu domain names more secure’
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