A number of premium domain names are set to be auctioned off in February, with their owners hoping to recoup sizeable fees.

Bargain.com and democracy.com will be sold to the highest bidder on February 2, 2012, along with several other web addresses with a broad appeal.

Servers.com, work.com, security.com and emails.com are among the others to be sold off in the California domain name auction.

Domain name sales failed to hit the heights of recent years during 2011, with relatively few multi-million dollar transactions.

No single sale came close to rivalling the $16 million paid for Insure.com and its associated assets two years ago.

And with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers now welcoming generic top level domain applications, the web is set to be flooded with new domain names.

It remains to be seen how the launch of new domains impacts upon the value of existing .com sites on the open market.

Several .com domain names put up for sale
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