Businesses, organizations and individuals should take care not to register overly-complicated domain names, it has been suggested.

Registrants should always remember that many web users choose to type domain names into their browser URL bar, rather than look for sites through a search engine.

As such, it is important to ensure all domain names are as easy to remember – and type accurately – as possible.

A useful tip for people setting up a new website is to avoid the use of punctuation in the domain name.

Characters such as commas, dashes and colons can easily be misread or mistyped by internet users, meaning they end up at an incorrect destination.

Should this occur, some potential website visitors may simply give up trying to find it – and this translates into lost custom.

By creating complex domain names, organizations also expose themselves to cybersquatting.

Malicious internet users may create poisoned webpages at domain names similar to yours, meaning web users who do err while typing the web address are put at risk.

Simplicity and memorability the key for domain names
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