A number of single and double-character domain names have gone under the hammer at an auction in London, England.

Twelve single-letter domains – including x.co.uk and 0.co.uk – fetched an average of  $60,550 each at the sale.

In total, 2,831 web addresses were sold at the auction, which raised approximately $4.66 million.

Among the buyers were businesses looking to promote their brands and domain name investors seeking to make a profit on online real estate.

Notable buyers included social media giant Facebook, which purchased fb.co.uk, and manufacturing group Mercedes-Benz, which snapped up mb.co.uk.

A five-figure sum was paid for g.co.uk – the most expensive domain name sold at the event – by domain name reseller Any-Web.

Last month, it was reported that Teaparty.com – a domain name owned by a Canadian rock band – could be worth up to $1 million.

Single and double-digit domain names auctioned off
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