The introduction of generic top level domain names (gTLDs) could create a divide between small enterprises and their larger rivals, it has been claimed.

Kevin Casey, writing for Information Week, suggested that few small businesses will be willing to pay the $185,000 application fee for a gTLD.

In his view, the majority of small organizations will have more pressing financial concerns, meaning this capital simply isn’t available.

As such, Mr Casey expects gTLDs to be the preserve of the larger corporation – those with greater economic muscle and larger marketing budgets.

For small businesses, $185,000 could fund new hires, research and development, or simply a slow stretch of business, among other things, he stated.

“But even if they can’t afford the stakes to sit down at the table, small businesses should plan ahead for the new menu of gTLDs,” Mr. Casey said.

This is because there are likely to be some publicly-available gTLDs which all companies, regardless of their size, will have access to.

Mr. Casey claimed that using a public gTLD may help to protect corporate assets and seize new opportunities.

Organizations have a three-month window from January 12, 2012 to lodge their applications for generic top level domain names.

Small firms ‘cannot afford their own gTLD’
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