Businesses need to make sure they take social media monitoring seriously.

Erica Bell, writing in B2B Marketing, noted the online reputation of a company is very important, but not every firm is doing its utmost to protect it.

Because of this, the introduction of a social listening policy will bring a number of benefits.

On top of this, online marketing strategies will stay fresh, which should improve long-term business opportunities.

Ms Bell observed that gaining insight into a brand and the industry as a whole is essential for firms looking to further their success.

She added: “Focused social listening will tell you which social networks your target audience is most actively using and the general sentiment about your brands, products, competitors and industry.”

It will also allow for more extensive campaign measurement, as quantitative metrics can be analyzed in an effort to see if there are any prevailing patterns that companies should be made aware of.


Social Media Monitoring ‘Can Improve a Business’

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