Businesses, organizations and individuals need to think about what their social media username says about their brand.

For those advertising online, the usernames used on networking sites help form a first impression, which can go a long way towards determining the success of marketing activity.

As such, it is important to choose a username which is fit for the task – one that is clear, professional and memorable.

Clearly, for large companies with well-known brands, the decision over which names to register may be more straightforward.

They may simply be able to register their own company name on social media sites, to give an air of authority and authenticity.

But for others who are interested in building a brand – such as new organizations, small businesses and the self-employed – there may be a wider range of options.

They could choose to register their company name, but with limited consumer awareness of their brand this may not necessarily strike a chord.

Alternatively, individual marketers could look to create their own personal brand – for instance, calling themselves ‘DigitalMarketingPro’, ‘AdExpert’ or ‘InsuranceSalesman’, depending on their area of expertise.

This username – aligned with insightful and interesting comment – may help earn a band of followers, who can be pointed in the direction of the company at a later date.

Building a personal brand in this way may be more effective than simply registering social media accounts using your own name – helping advertisers make themselves heard in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Kimberly Wahl, director of trademarks and brand services at CSC, said it can be beneficial to register more than one social media username.

“Not only should brand owners think about selecting a name which is memorable, they also need to make sure to register their social media names broadly,” she stated.

“It is far easier, not to mention cheaper, to be proactive now and secure your names on many social media sites, than it will be to recover them from a social media ‘squatter’ later.”

Social media usernames ‘important for branding’

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