A sports streaming website has asked a U.S. judge to return a number of seized domain names.

The owner of Rojadirecta, Puerto 80, claimed that its online property had been wrongfully taken by Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department during the latest phase of Operation in Our Sites.

Back in January, ICE embarked on another round of domain name seizures, with the Spanish language website — which stood accused of copyright infringement — among those affected.

The website included links to a number of video streams for live sports events, reports TechDirt.

A petition has now been filed in the Southern District of New York for the return of the Rojadirecta domain names.

“Contrary to the grounds on which the domain names were seized, the Rojadirecta site is not violating copyright law, let alone criminal copyright law,” the filing stated.

Earlier this year, the ICE said it would continue to seize domain names suspected of supporting illegal activity in the U.S.

Sports streaming website seeks return of domain names

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