A new SQL attack traveling around the Internet has affected a huge number of domain names already.

According to Ars Technica, the malicious attack has hit almost 700,000 websites so far, modifying data stored in their respective SQL databases.

The website claims that the attack appears to be indiscriminate and can compromise machines running any number of scripting solutions — including JSP and PHP.

Peter Bright, a contributor to the tech-news website, said: “SQL injections following this pattern appear to have been happening off and on for six or more months now.

“The domain name hosting the JavaScript changes each time, but the file name — ur.php — and the style of injection remain consistent.”

Mr. Bright added that the attack had even been successful against database provider MySQL.

Recently, Internet security specialist McAfee claimed that the number of malicious websites distributing malware attacks like these is in fact on the increase.

SQL attack affects 700,000 domain names
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