Protection is an important issue for any business using the web to offer transactions.

Firms will be keen to make sure they are protected when using the web, as cases of cybersquatting could cause them real long-term harm. Because of this, they have to pay attention to their domain and how it is being looked after.

One of the ways companies involved in e-commerce can cover themselves is to register an SSL certificate, as this will make a domain name harder to compromise.

These types of safeguards are invaluable, as they allow firms to reassure customers that their personal details will not be stolen and used. It is possible to see an SSL certificate in operation when the http prefix turns into https and therefore signifies the server has established a secure connection with the browser.

Once this process has been completed, users can be sure the web pages are properly protected. Groups that own multiple domain names can use Wildcard or UCC certificates to make sure they are all protected and can be used at the same time.

If businesses are not able to offer their customers a secure service, then their brand reputation will suffer very quickly. Indeed, many consumers may refuse to complete an online transaction if there is no SSL certificate in place and this is why the whole issue has to be taken very seriously.

Speaking recently to the Sydney Morning Herald, Philip Heuzenroeder, principal at Spruson & Ferguson Lawyer, noted the internet is forming an increasingly important part of a company’s strategy.

As a result, attention also needs to be paid to intellectual property. No firm should be looking to build a brand unless they know for sure that someone else is not using it, as a failure to do so could see the whole thing “fall in a heap on day two when somebody becomes aware of your use if they have their own protection”.

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SSL certificates ‘add security to domain names’

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