Sudan has successfully completed the string evaluation process that will allow it to get a country code top level domain (ccTLD).

An announcement by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) revealed it is the 31st country or territory to accomplish the task. This means businesses in Sudan can look forward to improving their web presence in the nation.

The Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) ccTLD Fast Track Process was introduced in October 2009 and started taking requests from the following month. It is designed to offer locations the opportunity to apply for web addresses in scripts other than Latin.

In order to be successful, the requesters have to be asking for a URL that uses non-Latin, the languages used to express the IDN ccTLDs need to be official in the country or territory where the application is based, while there are also some technical requirements – these are evaluated by an external domain name stability (DNS) panel.

Of the successful applicants, 23 are delegated in the DNS root zone. The remainder are either readying to apply or actively applying for delegation of the string.

It comes as Sudan holds the 17th version of the African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) , which concludes today (November 29th), Sudan Vision Daily reports. The non-profit organization is responsible for the internet in Africa and ensuring the web stays globally compatible.

In order to ensure a healthy discussion around some of the big issues facing the continent, AFRINIC meets twice a year. Described as offering a “very open and cooperative environment”, it gives all of the internet-related organizations the chance to get together and have their say on the policies that affect them.

Several Sudanese institutions have taken part in previous incarnations of the event, but the fact the country is hosting this one highlights how far the nation has advanced. Once it has its own ccTLD, Sudan will be able to offer companies in its country more opportunities.


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Sudan completes ccTLD string evaluation process
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