Domain name registrants have been urged to take additional IT security precautions to defend against phishing and other online threats.

According to Norton, the consumer brand of the online security organization Symantec, cyber criminals are increasingly aiming their attacks at specific firms and individuals.

“The bad guys are going after more targeted-type activity,” commented Con Mallon, director of regional product marketing at the firm.

“That can apply to a suit at a high level company and also it can apply to you as an individual.”

Regarding phishing and other online dangers, Mallon said Web users need to be “very aware” of the potential dangers and ever-more sensitive to people targeting them.

According to the “Symantec Internet Security Threat Report,” published last month, targeted attacks such as Hydraq and Stuxnet posed a growing threat to enterprises in 2010.

Mr. Mallon claimed that the attacks were used by criminals to create a gateway to firms’ intellectual property and other confidential information.

Targeted attacks creating greater online security risks
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