The GDPR Goes Live in Fewer than Nine Months – Are You Prepared?

Over a year ago, the European Union (EU) announced the parameters regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Once in motion, the GDPR will bring a new level of security regarding the personal information of consumers in the EU.

As of May of 2018, the regulation officially goes into effect, meaning that if any business falls victim to a cyber security attack, resulting in a data breach of any kind, a heavy fine of up to 4% of their total global annual revenue or €20 million—whichever is greater—will be assessed.

This attempt to unify the security of all data should have EU businesses scrambling to figure out how secure their systems are, and if they are in fact susceptible to theft and attack in the online world.

Recently, CSC® Global Product Director of Domains and Security Mark Flegg penned an article for Trademark Lawyer magazine, wherein he lays out the risks, symptoms, and attacks, and how companies doing business in the EU should feel about protecting themselves on line.

Please feel free to read this complimentary piece as you prepare your business for the oncoming rules associated with GDPR. If you feel you cannot answer the questions and face the issues in the article, time is running out to get your plan ready before May of next year.

The GDPR Goes Live in Fewer than Nine Months – Are You Prepared?