St Andrews Links Trust has attempted to register the term ‘St Andrews’ as a trademark in an attempt to stop outsiders from profiting on the name.

The Courier reports ‘the home of golf’ wishes to have exclusive rights to the name, sparking an outcry from other golfing businesses in the area.

St Andrews International Golf Club, which is working on a £20 million golf course and clubhouse in Feddinch, has said it will object to the trademark registration profusely.

Ewan McKay, director of St Andrews International Golf Club, called Links Trust “arrogant” in its attempt to snuff out competitors and fears his company will have to change its name should the registration become approved.

His company recently won a domain name dispute with Links Trust.

A spokesman for St Andrews Links Trust said: “A number of individuals and businesses, both in Scotland and beyond, were using our intellectual property without permission and in order to protect our commercial interests, we began this programme of trademark and brand protection.”

The home of golf applies for St Andrews trademark

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