As new cyber security regulations are rolled out, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we know it’s imperative for you to identify security blind spots and take action against real-world cyber threats.

Introducing CSC Security CenterSM. Developed by CSC®—who protects more than 65% of the world’s top brands, and is the leading provider of online brand protection services—CSC Security Center was built to expose security blind spots, allowing you to take quick action against real-world online threats that can compromise web presence, customer data, and critical business functions, such as email.

How it works.

The first-of-its-kind, CSC Security Center offers complete security oversight of a brand’s core domains to minimize unknown risks and reduce disruptions to your business. It identifies threats to your vital assets that aren’t caught by your firewall, helping you keep business operating at all times. It was created using CSC’s advanced proprietary algorithms to be the most comprehensive domain security solution on the market.

CSC Security Center will:

  • Identify and monitor for threats
  • Provide ongoing threat assessment
  • Send notifications when changes in domain security occur
  • Make threat mitigation simple

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The New CSC Security Center Exposes Security Blind Spots and Mitigates Cyber Threats