Brand infringements and other trade identity threats are increasing at an alarming rate, businesses have been warned.

In a new book, authors Jonathan S. Jennings and J. Michael Monahan claim that firms need to do more to protect their intellectual property in today’s internet and celebrity-driven society.

They call upon business to prevent their hard-won brands from being preyed upon through infringement or unfair practices.

Mr. Jennings and Mr. Monahan said businesses need to be aware not only of the risks and problems they face, but also the best strategies to combat the infringement.

“In many cases a company’s brand is its chief asset,” said Mr. Monahan.

As such, it is critical that a business know where the greatest risk is coming from, and then how to best protect against it.

Last year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) revealed that trademarks are the most common form of IP, ahead of patents, copyrights and service marks.

Threats to trademarks are increasing, authors claim
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