Many small businesses are playing a risky game by trading without a trademark, it has been claimed.

According to industry expert Mark Kingsley-Williams, founder of Trade Mark Direct, up to 90 per cent of small businesses lack intellectual property protection such as a trademark for their name.

Online businesses in particular may be leaving themselves exposed, it has been claimed.

“Trading online without a trademark is like rock climbing without a safety rope,” Mr. Kingsley-Williams stated.

“Today’s online market place, where all businesses are just one click away from each other, means trademarks are more crucial than ever.”

He added that companies must know where they stand either through registering their own brands as trademarks or at least ensuring they are not infringing the rights of others.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, trademarks are the most common form of IP globally.

Too many small businesses do not have trademarks
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