The organizers of a popular public event in Oregon have settled a legal dispute over the trademark to the Willamette Country Music Festival.

According to the Register-Guard, founding promoter Warren Williamson filed a lawsuit against longtime sponsor Bi-Mart and festival vice-president of operations Anne Hankins.

Both parties were claiming ownership of the naming rights for the festival, after the defendants set up their own rival company.

Bi-Mart and Hankins announced that Willamette Country Music Concerts Inc. would stage the 2011 festival, causing Williamson to take legal action.

In order to secure the trademark, the latter has been paid $200,000 to drop his claim on the Willamette Country Music Festival name.

Hankins said she had been forced to set up a new company after Williamson failed to deliver on a number of promises relating to the organization of the event.

The 2011 festival is scheduled to take place between August 19th and 21st in Brownsville, Oregon.

Trademark dispute settled over country music festival
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