Cybercriminals are more innovative and rampant than ever before. Multiple threats crop up daily in almost every industry. Online targets include web domains, social media sites, banking sites, and more. The website Information is Beautiful has illustrated the nature and extent of recent data breaches and explains how they came about.

2FA_securityThe biggest threats to businesses right now are DNS spoofing, DDoS attacks, and phishing. All have the potential to create havoc—damaging a company’s reputation, financials, and even stealing company information for competitive purposes, as well as compromising consumer data like credit cards and social security numbers. Aside from the long-term risks, CIO Insight estimates that an hour of down time costs companies $100,000, with average outages lasting as long as 24 hours in some industries.

But the news isn’t all bad. You can protect your digital assets, your reputation, and your customers. Because, just as cybercriminals are improving their techniques all the time, so are the “good guys.”

Boost your security
A very effective additional layer of security is two-factor authentication, preventing unauthorized access to digital assets.

The way it works is simple. To access your digital assets, a user must provide something known—like a login and password—as well as something unknown—like an ever-changing verification code. In the past, companies had to buy expensive tokens for their users that generated these dynamic verification codes, but now there’s an app for that. Most two-factor authentication service vendors today supply a mobile app that provides a verification code that can be used in conjunction with a user’s credentials when logging into digital assets. From social media accounts to databases to your domain name management system—two-factor authentication is fast becoming a necessary part of digital security.

CSC employs two-factor authentication on all its systems to protect our clients against cyber threats. It’s intuitive and easy to authenticate because the verification code is accessible by smart phone app, landline, or other avenues. Our Brand Advisory Team can tell you more. And they’re available to help with customized strategies to get more secure.

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Two-Factor Authentication Protects Your Digital Assets