Deckers Outdoor has kick-started a trademark battle as it attempts to keep hold of its Ugg boot trademark.

The shoe in question has turned the firm into a multi-million dollar concern — $800 million to be exact.

As well as attempting to tackle the problem of counterfeiting, the firm has filed two trademark infringement suits against rival shoe manufacturers, reports the Pacific Coast Business Times.

Deckers Outdoor claims that there is an entire Ugg boot industry based on “companies that market their wares by deliberately confusing customers.”

However, the firm has been attacked by a U.S. clog company, which claims that Deckers’ appropriation of the Ugg trademark is based on “aggressive litigation, coincidence and advertising.”

Deckers Outdoor bought the rights to Ugg boots from Shane Stedman, an Australian surfing enthusiast, in 1983.

The company paid Stedman £10,000 for the name and design.

Ugg branding dispute launched
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