New measures are being considered that could see UK domain names shortened.

Under the terms of a plan unveiled by Nominet, the organization that runs the .uk domain name infrastructure, businesses would be given the opportunity to register .uk domains alongside the existing services.

If the change is introduced, it would represent a major shift in the .uk domain name space.

One of the reasons the updated system is being considered is because of the enhanced security features it would offer.

As well as the routine monitoring and notification to registrants of viruses and malware, a Domain Name System Security Extension would be issued, which minimizes the risk of a domain name being hijacked.

Domains affected by malware would also be suspended unless the registrants took the necessary action to rectify any issues that were flagged up.

Consultation on the issue will run until January 7, 2013, and if the proposal goes ahead, businesses will have to consider purchasing the relevant URLs to safeguard their brand name and reputation.

UK domain names could be shortened
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