Unicef UK has entered into a license agreement to use the trademark ‘Carbon Positive.’

Carbon Positive Services, the sole owner of rights in, and the goodwill associated with, the trademark, has reached an agreement with the children’s charity to let it use the mark as part of its climate change initiatives.

Under the agreement, Unicef UK is licensed to use the mark in relation to its climate adaptation program that helps communities adapt to the impacts of climate change and focuses on children in developing countries.

“Sponsors of the Unicef Carbon Positive programme are sub-licensed to use the name in relation to promotion of their involvement in projects under that programme,” Carbon Positive Services said in a statement.

The firm said it would offer Unicef the trademark license free of charge, in recognition of its charity work.

Unicef UK has offices in central London and Essex, employing around 170 people.

Unicef acquires license to use ‘Carbon Positive’ trademark
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