A US university is suing a Morgantown retailer for allegedly using its trademarks on merchandise for sale.

According to the State Journal, West Virginia University Board of Governors is taking court action against JFord Inc., MivaMan LLC and MivaMan owner Kevin W. Ford.

The university says the defendants have actively been involved in trademark infringement, trademark dilution, cyberpiracy and unfair competition.

It claims the retailer has been creating and selling items with a close likeness to the university’s own merchandise, in a bid to capitalise on its brand.

“Defendant’s merchandise incorporates plaintiff’s marks or confusingly similar imitations thereof,” the suit stated.

“The merchandise also combines plaintiffs’ marks with references to popular university phrases known to the general public and references to the geographic area in which the university is located or associated.”

A court battle between the two parties is now expected, with the case having been assigned to US District Judge Frederick P. Stamp Jr.

University brings trademark action against retailer
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