The number of trademark infringement lawsuits reaching the US courts increased significantly during 2010, it has been reported.

Latest figures from FTI Consulting show there were a total of 3,652 trademark cases filed last year, as companies sought to protect their all-important intellectual property.

This represented an eight per cent increase on the previous year – the biggest percentage increase in the last decade.

Writing for CNNMoney, Parija Kavilanz said the figures were no surprise, given that trademarks can be a company’s “greatest asset”.

“Industry experts expect that trend to continue this year as established companies –fueled by the languishing economy – become more aggressive about protecting their intellectual property,” she stated.

The World Intellectual Property Organization recently reported that trademarks are the most common form of intellectual property, ahead of patents and copyrights.

US trademark suits rose 8% in 2010, study shows
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